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Monday, December 13, 2010

Setup GMail PushMail on Your Samsung S3310

Hi Guys,
I am Back with Brand new Tutorial on Setting up Pushmail on Your Samsung S3310!
Lets Go!

1.Set GMail to allow IMAP ..To Do this:
First go to Gmail,login with your info.Now,you will see settings tab on the topmost right corner...Click on that and go to forwarding pop/imap and in imap access click enable imap and also enable pop...
(Click To Get it Enlarged)

2.Now,Head over to Your Samsung S3310.Click Messages>Settings>Email>Email Accounts>
Now,its time to Setup your Samsung S3310.Use the following characteristics:

 Account Name: Gmail
 SMTP Server:
 SMTP Port: 465
 Secure Connection: SSL
 Incoming Server Type: IMAP4
 IMAP4 Server:
 IMAP Port: 993
 APOP login: greyed out
 Secure Connection: SSL
 Download Limit: 300
 IMAP4 incoming email: New
 Retrieving option: Normal
 Keep on server: checked
 My address: (This is the address the phone puts in the from line of an email)
 Password: gmail password
 Use Pop before smtp: greyed out
 Use SMTP authorization: checked
 Same as POP3/IMAP4: checked
 Username: greyed out
 Password: greyed out

Hurray Your GMail Account is Ready For Push Mail on Your Samsung S3310.
Your Comments are always welcomed!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Full Phone Backup Using TKFE

In my Previous Posts, I teached you about How to Backup Text Messages.Now, i am Going to Show you how to Backup the whole Memory Backup of your Phone Memory and Settings.First Open TKFE 2.5.
You will See a Screen like shown Below:
(Click on Snap To Get it Enlarged)
Now, Just connect your phone and open DB2
 Folder.Copy the contents there and keep it safe!

Now, if you can format your phone anytime.Just replace the Folder to get your files and settings back!
Your Comments are always welcomed!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Free Unlimited SMS from Airtel

 Hi Guys,,
Hope you are Feeling Good Here!
In my Previous Posts, I wrote about Free Songs and Free Gprs.Today i am Going to Share trick for Free unlimited Characters SMS using Airtel.
For More Airtel Trick See this Page.

Now,Let's Start...
First goto Registration Page
~!~ Register here with any easy in typing or short email of yours (So that you can login easily)
~!~ Now after registering login to your account and you will get to know that you can
send only 20 sms perday moreover only with 80 character's limit

So, here's the Hack >> Goto Skweezer and now visit SMskwik
from here and start messaging with unlimited characters

Well Skweezer removes javascript that restricts us upto 80 characters
and there is a BUG in smskwik that it doesn't ditach extra characters from sms 
But remember whenever you send a sms with more than 120 or 130 characters it shows that
THERE IS SOME ERROR Just ignore it coz your sms has been delivered..

And hack for 20 sms limit is that erroneous sms's will not count in your daily limit.

Most interesting part of this trick is that you can use it from skweezer which is Free in airtel live at zero balance.

Your Comments are always welcomed!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Good News .com Domain Launched

We are Now with .com Domain...

Now, you can also visit here at:


Your Comments are always welcomed!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Specially Assigned Message Tone


Today i am Going to Teach You How to Assign Different Caller and Message Ringotnes to your Contacts..Ok are you ready?
NOTE: The Contact MUST be stored in Phone Memory

ok,Lets Go!

Press Right Softkey and Go To,choose a contact which you want to assign the tone.Press Left Soft key to Go into Options>Edit>Options>Add Details> Message Tone.
You can see that Caller tone is already there..No,just edit them and Select Your Favourite Tone.

Have a Great Day!

Your Comments are always welcomed!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

New Themes Waiting

Update:Wait Over..Check The Blog Now..

Hello Friends,
This is To inform you that new themes are uploaded(This time on ZIDDU).
Post will be revealed soon..

Till then,keep checking blog:

Your Comments are always welcomed!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Minimizing Trick (Happy Diwali)

Update:Link Updated!
Easy Download From Ziddu..
Happy Diwali,,!!

Hi Guys,
This is to inform you that minimizing Trick is out For all now..
and i am no longer sending it via E-mail.
Download This Trick From my New blog:

Minimizing Trick Link

Please Click on Ads To Stay This Blog Alive,,!!

Your Comments are always welcomed!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Get Paid For Minute Jobs

Hi Guys,
Today i am Sharing Money Making Tip Only For You...!!
minute workers

Getting Tired of no work...
Then earn money for 1 minute jobs.
These sites pay u for just a minute of work.
Work includes simple things like downloading a file, clicking links, write a review etc.
and u get payment at low cash outs...
U can also use 1.1$ sign-up bonus to advertise your site.

Direct Link

Comments are always welcome...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mobile Wallpaper Collection Oct 2010

 Mobile Wallpaper Collection 2010
150 jpg | 240*320 | 4.8 MB


Your Comments are always welcomed!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Download Youtube/Metacafe - All Online Videos Easily

Hi Guys,
Today i Will Teach You How To Download Videos From Youtube and other online Video Sharing Sites..

YouTube has been one of the most popular website to view all kind of videos posted by people around the world. Just enter the YouTube website and you can search virtually any kind of videos on the subject you like.

With embedded HTML code and video streaming technology, you are able to watch videos directly from your browser. You are also able to post text comment or a video response to the videos, view other related videos and upload your own video as well. With lots of features given, unfortunately there is one feature that YouTube does not provide and that is to let you download the video.

Just Download This Tool and Get What You Want...


Your Comments are always welcomed!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

SMS Pausing Another Great Feature

Hi Guys,
Hope You are Enjoying You Life like me...
Today i am Here To Share another Wacky Thing in Our Phone..

I named it PAUSE SMS...

I don't know if it is a bug or Samsung Feature,but it is Interesting to know...!!
Ok,so First Open Your Keypad(i know it is Locked!! :D )
Now,Go To Messages>Create Message>Type Something,,

while typing at any word Press The Green Call Button,,,

Whats This??
Message Paused...!!

Your Comments are always welcomed!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

How To Remove Operator Logo Samsung S3310

The most Requested Trick has been Found..!!
First Something About Operator Logo:

"An operator logo is a logo which appears on the status screen of a mobile phone. Originally intended as a way for phone companies to brand phones attached to their networks, the operator logo has since become a method by which owners may customise their phones to reflect their own interests.."

Many People Requested me to Remove Their Operator Logo...
So,i decided to Find The Solution,,
and Here is the Result,,i Removed my Operator LOGO.,
So,Why are you waiting?
go and get it..!

Unfortunately,it is open to Premium Members Only..

Claim Your Premium Membership Here.

Your Comments are always welcomed!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Free Premium Membership [FACEBOOK METHOD]

Hi Guys,
Few Days Back,i announced Premium Membership For Samsung S3310 Blog.
I Know everyone wants to Save money and time also.
But,Combination of both things are very rare.
So,Here i have Decided To giveaway Free Premium Membership To Users on Facebook..
The Question is:
How To Get Free Premium Membership?
Invite People To Our Samsung Page,make them join and Get Your Membership.absolutely free.!!
Here are The Details:

100 Members=1 Month Membership

NOTE:People Joining under Your referral Must Write  Your Name On Wall.So that i can count and give You Membership..

I Hope This initiative will Make You Happy...!!

Your Comments are always welcomed!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Download Samsung PC Studio

Learn how to archive mail.The Free archive Ultimate mail archiving solution at your Home For Free.Just Read The Following Tutorial:
How to archive mail

Its my Birthday Today.So, i want to Share Something Special with you.that is:Samsung PC Studio!!

Many of the Users Requested about Samsung PC Studio,So Today i am Sharing a working Version with You.For Your ease i splitted it into 4 Parts of 26mb each.
If You do not already have,Download the Tool(WinRAR) and Enjoy!

 Samsung PC Studio is a Windows-based PC programme package that you can use easily to manage personal data and multimedia files by connecting a Samsung Electronics Mobile hone(GSM/GPRS/UMTS) to your PC.

Key Features

  • Find your CD information like artist/Track name, album title and more. When you put Audio CD into PC, PC Studio retrieves those valuable Information to manage easily. You can also rip songs from your CD with those information automatically.

  • Clean up your incorrect music file Information and find exact music Information like artist/ track name, album title and more. PC Studio retrieves those valuable information to manage easily.

  • Simply select a song or artist! More Like This button will Automatically create a list of similar Music from your library.

Parts Joiner: WinRAR

Your Comments are always welcomed!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

How To Backup Text Messages(SMS) in Samsung S3310

In my Previous Posts,I Taught you how to Store 500 SMS in Your Phone.
If You are Lacking SMS Memory to Store More SMS.Then Try This:
Attatch Your Phone Via TkFile Explorer and PC Studio Option.
Now,Head Over To:
Phone>user>Msg >SMS>
Now Copy All The Contents in Right Side Box To Your Hard Disk..!!

 (Click Image To Enlarge)
Thats all.!
Now,You can Delete SMS from Memory..
Enjoy Hacking...!!

Your Comments are always welcomed!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Attention Please:Themes Added

11 New Themes Have been Added at Themes Blog:

Your Comments are always welcomed!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Announcement: Premium MemberShip

Its Been 1 year i am Providing My Free Services To All By Dedicated Users..
Thanks For making my Blog successfull.Now,on This Occasion i am Launching Premium Membership.
Details are give below
With  Premium Membership,You will Get:

~Tension Free Downloads
~Get All Downloads Via Mail
~Live Technical Support
~Be The First To Get All The Stuff
~Other Bonus Stuff

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!!

1 Year Membership:10$ or Rs.500 Only.

Facebook Method{Get it Free!}

If at any time you're not 100% satisfied with our Premium Membership, contact at email provided. We'll either make it right or refund your membership fee...your choice. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and keep you a long-term happy Premium Member.

Your Comments are welcomed!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

September 2010 Ringtone Pack Samsung S3310

Hi guys,
Hope You are Enjoying my Posts..

Today i will share some Ringtones with you:
Dowload Them:

Part 1
Part 2

 Your Comments are always welcomed!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Scary Ringtones Pack 2010

Hello Guys,
This is A new Ringtone Pack For september 2010,
Hope You like it..!

Here goes the link:

 Scary Ringtone Pack Samsung s3310

Your Comments are always welcomed!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

My Experiences While Messaging

 Hello Guys,
Welcome Back To Samsung S3310 Blog..
Today i will Share my Experiences which happened at time of Texting,
I am Sharing This Because there are chances that you experienced the same while SMSing..
Ok,Lets Go:

Messages Sending Failed or Error: Try Again 

Sometimes,Messages dont sent.,Keeps Processing or Simply Comes:Try again.Finally,message comes to Outbox.You send message again but it is still same..

What i do?

Just Delete/add some characters From the message..
Message Sent!
(Amazing For Me..!)
Another Trick:Change Profile To Offline and Then Normal Again!

How Does Mobile Companies Fools You?
This is the incident which happened to me some Days ago:
I Checked MY Free SMS balance
I was Sending a message and same Problem happened,Message was not sending,i waited for 2 mins but it keeps processing and sending,Finally I quited.
Removed Some Characters,This time message sent..!!
For Fun,I Checked My balance again,,!!


"it Took me 23 SMS to Send 1 message"

This is How Mobile Companies Earn!!

Your Comments are always welcomed!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

How To SMS/Text in Busy Network!

Hi Frnds,
Few Days Back,i came across a Problem,i.e.,Due to Busy network i can not Send SMS to my Friends,,
So,i Leeched out a New Trick To Send SMS.
and it Worked For me!So, i am Sharing it With you!
In my Previous Post,I Explained How To Call in Busy Network.
.This Time i Will Tell You "How To Text in Busy Network!!"
The Process is similar to Previous one,
What We are Going To Do is To First Create a Message>Save into Drafts>
Now,Call Customer Care or any other Number(Which are Free!!)
now,When Your Call Gets Connected,Press Right Soft Key To Hold The Call..Now,Press Left Soft Key To Go into Options.
Now,Navigate to Message Inbox.
Ok,So You are in Inbox Now,Press Right Navigation Key 2 times to Go into Drafts.
Choose Your Message and Send it!
Happy SMSing!
Your Comments are always welcomed!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

New Blog Launched!

Hello Friends,
After The Huge Success of Samsung S3310 Blog.
I Have Decided To make a Blog Specially for Samsung S3310 Themes.
The Blog is Ready..
Now,Old and New Themes will be There only..
link to Blog:
Your Comments are always welcomed!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

How To Call in Busy Network-The ultimate Tutorial

Hello Friends,
Hope You all are enjoying my blog and posts..
Today i am Here to teach You How To Call When Your Network is Busy.
Lets Start Now..
First of all,
We know That it is easiest to call your network customer care,even when the network is busy and the best thing is it is free.Here,we are using This Exploit.
Now,Call Your Customer Care..When The calling in Progress,Press Hold,Now Press options and New call.Now,Call The desired Number..Your call will be Connected within the Seconds.
It always works for me.
Your Comments are always welcomed!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Modding Music Play For Samsung S3310

Hi Guys,
I am Back Again,,With my Brand New Tip,,
Ok,Lets Get Started.,,
All of us know,How to add music To Playlist.Now, you are going to learn how to mod them.
While the music is not running you can edit the tracks by Pressing Options>Move Track in Playlist.Now,Move it to your desired location and Turn off Shuffle by Opening First Track and Pressing Options>shuffle off.
This will help you to choose your desired Playlist..
Moreover,You can do onw more thing that is when the shuffle is on just press forward button and know the next songs.Now,Press Prev. Songs.this will know you what are next tracks..
This is all about music modding in You Samsung S3310.
Your Comments are always welcomed!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

How To Play JAVA Games on PC.

GameMagic S60 is an incredible tool help you play Mobile Games directly on your Desktop PC. You can use it to play hundreds of Mobile Games on PC in few minutes without having to download them to your Mobile Phone, no cable or PC Suite is necessary. Use it to manage your favourite games or show skills to your friends on PC. To play games, basically click the Phone Keys on the Phone Skin. It gives you the true feeling of the exact same way they appear on the Nokia Phone. Alter Phone Skins (3650,7650) while playing the game, have the actual experience of using different Smartphones. MIDI, WAV sound format playback by mobile games are supported. All Nokia S60 Midp1.0 Games are supported, including 3650,3660,7650, NGage. Use NUM PAD keys on your keyboard to control your games, It is fast & straightforward. Make definite NUM LOCK on your keyboard is turned ON to access the controls. Play hundreds of Mobile Games on PC, All you require is your PC & GameMagic S60!

Just Load Your .jar File and Play..

Download GameMagic

Enjoy! Your Comments are always welcomed!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Antivirus For Samsung S3310

Learn how to archive mail.The Free archive Ultimate mail archiving solution at your Home For Free.Just Read The Following Tutorial:
How to archive mail

First of all as the title says we are talking about Antivirus here..
Ok,First You should know what is Antivirus?
Antivirus is used to prevent, detect, and remove malware and viruses.
The Things You Should know!
Our Samsung S3310 Phones are unaffected by virus since they only support java platforms software.
So,We Do not Need Any Antivirus.Just keep Antivirus in Your PC as virus in PC can affect your memory card.
If you are getting a Problem Just Switch off or Reset Your Phone..It will Surely Solve The Problem.

Your Comments are always welcomed!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

No Shutter Sound in Camera-The Solution

Hello Users,
Few Days Back,One of Samsung S3310 user told me that he's getting problem in his phone that there is no shutter sound,however it is turned ON in Settings.I looked upon this issue and found the solution which i am posting here.
The Problem is Key Sound Volume.At 0 level,Shutter Sound Automatically mutes.
So,What you have to do is to simply increase your key volume.This can be simply done using volume keys.
Hope it helps.
Your Comments are always welcomed!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Friends Airtel have introduced FACEBOOK FREE surfing till AUGUST 31..

But after that u will be charged for the data charges that you are surfing..
now am going to give u the FREEEE facebook link which will not reduce your balance and there will be no data charges too!!!
Go to to use Facebook Mobile without data charges.
Only available on Airtel, Reliance, and Videocon.


Enjoy!Your Comments are always welcomed!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


1.Goto or tamil or malayalam or telugu.. wat ever it s ur wish
2.Browse and select songs using airtellive apn.
3.Now you will get an error page.Edit that page.
4.You can see an url as"req=xxxxxxxxxx" for e.g 'req=FT68926879'
5.Copy that 10digit number after "req="
6.Then goto "" Just replace "xxxxxxxxxx" with your copied number. For e.g ""
(NOTE-balance condition : below 1rs USE APN:airtellive) (No cost reduction.. 100% gurantee if u r following above steps correctly)
7.After downloading rename the file"click.asp" as your some.For e.g "my songs.mp3"
After downloading this the bloody airtel will send u the a.r.rahman hits LINK to download as if we downloaded it for cost.. no problem HACK that link also by these steps ...
please reply with your comments...
!Your Comments are always welcomed!!


hi friends .. i hope u all r fine?..
Most of the followers have said that u r all having the PC SUITE !!'
connect to PC SUITE using AIRTEL MO settings not LIVE settings ..
These many days i was hacking some more and more proxy I.P for regular
use of net in AIRTEL.
k i think u all may know how to connect NET n PC suite..
so that am leaving that step .. am forwarding to the proxy servers I.P address.
With these proxy u can do the FREE net.
>>first open the mozilla firefox
der paste the first proxy address (
then go to >>TOOLS>>GENERAL>>HOMEPAGE>>again paste the same proxy address( remove the curve brackets.
Thats all u have done the trick..
restart the Firefox and use it ..
friends here are some request to u all...
it s the hack which u can do only the mobilised sites .. if u are going to ORKUT means u have to give M.ORKUT.COM like this rite...
like this u have to give for every site which you are going to use...
use M.... before the sites... u r going to use
for more proxy address i will check and i will post here ven am free friends ...
Please give me ur comments
Enjoy!Your Comments are always welcomed!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

DOUBTS ?? clarify with me in online!!

Friends if you are having any doubts on Airtel Hacking!!!
clarify with me ..
1- Get the more free proxy sites with me
to download freely via AIRTEL LIVE or MO...
2- Get the free mp3 hacked page in AIRTEL live...
3- Get free sms sites via AL...
4- To get daily HOT news in airtel..
catch me here
>>> My ORKUT ID<<<<
>>> My FACEBOOK ID<<<<

Send Airtel hacking in friend request ...

Enjoy!Your Comments are always welcomed!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

ATTENTION PLEASE !!! Check the blog fast !!!

hi friends again am with new Hackig tricks for Free Mobile Office in AIRTEL.
For this i need a help From u all friends that all of them are having the samsung Pc Suite or not..
if you are having means please send yes in comment area... by seeing the number of reply only i can give it yar.....because it s life long trick in AIRTEL(MO).
Enjoy!Your Comments are always welcomed!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

AIRTEL 1000% working UC web browser using MO

AIRTEL free 100% UC web working with MO settings download it from here frnds...

Try this when your balance is less than 30 paise friends

Please Send me your comments Here.

Storing messages to Samsung S3310 SentBox -200 messages

In my Previous Post,I have Shown you How To Store Messages in OutBox...
In This Post,You Will Learn How To Store Messages in Sentbox.
Lets Start:
Go To Messages>Settings>Text Messages>Sending Options>Keep a Copy(Check This)
Open The message You Want to Save To Sentbox and press options.Now,Select Forward and choose a recipient.Press Send.
You have Just Saved a Message To Sentbox Folder.
Do This For More messages and Save Your Space..
Your Comments are always welcomed!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Storing messages to Samsung S3310 OutBox -50 messages

In my Previous Post,I have Shown you How To Store Messages in Drafts...
In This Post,I will Teach You How To Store Messages in Outbox and increase more memory..
Ok..Lets Go!!
First Go To Settings>Phone Profiles>offline.
Now,Go To Messages>Inbox> 
Open The message You Want to Save To Outbox and press options.Now,Select Forward and choose a recipient.Press Send.
You have Just Saved a Message To Outbox Folder.
Do This For More messages and Save Your Space..
Your Comments are always welcomed!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

New Hindi Ringtone Remix The Best of 2010

 Today,i created this Ringtone For all my S3310 users..Listen This Hindi Ringtone..and have Fun!!

 If You Want To Listen Then See It here on Youtube:


Your Comments are always welcomed!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Storing Messages To Samsung S3310 drafts -50 messages

 In my Previous Post i revealed the secret method of storing 500 messages in your S3310..
After Reading This Post You will be able to Store 50 more messages by saving them into Drafts Folder..
First Go to Inbox..
Open The message you want to Store in Drafts..
Now Press The left Soft key i.e., options and press Forward.
Now,Press left Sof tkey again and press Save in Drafts..
Congrats You have just stored a message to Drafts Folder...
Delete the message From inbox and save inbox memory..

Your Comments are always welcomed!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Samsung S3310 500 SMS Trick Revealed!

OK.So many of users requested for this trick so i worked on it and found the Solution.
Basically, i knew this trick about 2 months ago but did 'nt shared it Because of my EXAMS..
Now,The deal..

Our phone has capability to Store 500 messages.But There is a limitation also..
We can Store 200 SMS in inbox only!!
So,How To Exploit??
Hmm,Basically You need to know about Few things First.i.e., How our phone allocate SMS memory in folders?


Now,You know the Memory.Go and Store 500 messages..
You can do it by yourself or wait for my next posts..
Un my next posts,I will explain how to store messages in these Folders..
Your Comments are always welcomed!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

TK File Explorer Download and Tutorials

Learn how to archive mail.The Free archive Ultimate mail archiving solution at your Home For Free.Just Read The Following Tutorial:
How to archive mail

So many of the users are confused and don't know from where to download i made a new post for this..

Download Tk File Explorer From Here:

TKFE New 2.5+Drivers
or Use Mirror IF Any Problems in Downloading Previous one..
TKFE 2.5+Drivers(Mirror)


Installing Games
Finding Port
Themes Installation

Games Installation
Themes Installation


Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy News!!

Finally Stored 500 msgs in my phone memory..The Basic of This Trick is managing Text messages into Different Folders..If you are intelligent enough you can do it easily or simply wait for my posts to learn this trick.Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Sports Games 2010

Download and Enjoy 2 New Games...


 Sports Pack


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bypassing Password Request While Deleting Calls Samsung S3310

So Your Recent Call List is Bulky??
Wanna Delete all Call Records in one Go??
and that without entering that annoying password?
then here is the solution:
Go to call log>options>delete>multiple>all

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wallpaper Setting Loophole Samsung S3310

You may Have Noticed that from Few days i am not Supplying Wallpapers with my created Themes..
Actually,There was A Big Reason For That..
i was not using my custom wallpaper,
I was enjoying the default white wallpaper..
Here is the loophole you can also use:

(1)Set any of your custom wallpaper(wallpaper Needs to be in memory card)
(2)Now Apply One of My Themes
(3)Go To My Files>Images
(4)Here You Will See Your Previous Wallpaper.Delete it!
Now You will Get Default Wallpaper on Your Screen

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mobile Downloadz

Hello all users,
Today i am Going to Share a Great site for mobile Downloadz
The link is given on top of the Page.

Step 1: visit you will see a page like this:

Step 2:Put Your Query on Box at top and click Search!

e.g: mobile wallpapers,games etc. and you will get your content Free of Cost and that with much faster rate..

Sunday, May 30, 2010


On Request
I heard that some of users are having problem with videos.This will help:
"Want to Convert Your Videos For Free..This Converter will convert all types of videos,"

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Samsung s3310 Menu Shortcuts

Do You Know We Can Use Our keypad as shortcut For Menu??
The Keys Are Assigned So as to navigate menu in same order as keys are..
like 5 can Navigate you to messages,1 to call log and So on..

Monday, May 24, 2010

Diffrentiate 2-D and 3-D Sound

It Happens That Your Friend or Co-worker Does not Know How 3D sound Feels..
They simply can not distinguish the sound quality....
One of Them Can even Say That It is Ordinary 2D sound and you are Fooling him..
So,Whats The solution??
Here it is:
Connect Your Earphone with Phone and Play a Good Quality music with high volume,,
Then what you have to do is that you have to de-attach the 3.5 mm lead i.e,where the button is situated in headset disconnect from middle..
Ok..Now,,Again attach your 3.5 mm headset but with soft hands.I mean dont put the force and simply touch the joints..You will See the Difference Low voice with no 3D effects...


Saturday, May 22, 2010

PDF Reader Hacked...

First Download This:
PDF Reader

Then Install It Using This Procedure...

This Application Provides Full Running For Few Days....
After Some Days,It Asks For Registration..Then You Can Follow This Procedure:
Open TKFileXplorer..
Go To:
EXE>JAVA>Games>PDF Reader(or name of folder in which u have installed app.)>appdb>
Now Delete the File in it naming regis....


Friday, May 21, 2010

Call Waiting Secret Codes

Note:Work For All Mobile Phones & Networks...

To Activate call Waiting-
Dial *43#
Deactivate Call Waitng-
Dial #43##
To Check Status-
Dial *#43#


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Call Diverting Secret Codes

Note:Work For All Mobile Phones & Networks...

To Divert Your calls-
Dial **21*No.#
Cancel Divert-
Dial ##21#
To Check Status-
Dial *#21#


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Samsung S3310 Mute Volume Trick

Sometimes,You Have To Mute The volume of Music Player..Here is a simple trick I Found While Listening Songs..To do Just Press & Hold The Volume Down Key..After 1 Second Your Volume Will Be Zero


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Download:Text Reader

 Thinking That Our Phone Does Not Supports Text Files...Here is A Little Toll Which can Help!
Features of This Application:
1. An easy-to-use text file browser
2. Bookshelf, a function similar to bookmark, allows you store your current progress and/or continue reading from previous stored progress
3. Several built-in color schemes.
Text Reader For Samsung S3310


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

To All Indians...

We live   i n   a   N a t i o n   w h e r e   P i z z a   r e a c h e s   h o m e   F a s t e r   t h a n   A m b u l a n ce and    P o l i c e

 W h r   U   c a n   g e t   C a r   L o a n   @ 8 %   b u t   E d u c a t n   L o a n   @ 1 2 %

 7 6   p o l i c e   m e n   a r e   k i l l e d   m e r c i l e s s l y   b u t   m e d i a   i s   b u s y   s h o w i n g   t h e   n e w s   o f   m a r r i a g e   o f   f a i l e d   s p o r t s   p e r s o n ( s a n i a   n   s h o e b )

 W h r   R i c e   i s   7 0   R s / k g   b u t   S i m   c a r d s   r   f r e e

 W h r   A   m i l l i o n a i r e   c a n   b u y   a   c r i c k e t   t e a m   i n s t e a d   2   d o n a t e   m o n e y   i n   c h a r i t y

 W h r   e v e r y b o d y   w a n t s   2 b   f a m o u s   b u t   n o b o d y   w a n t s   2   f o l l o w   d   p a t h   2 b   f a m o u s

 W h r   p e o p l e   s i t t i n g   a t   t e a   s t a l l   r e a d i n g   a n   a r t i c l e   a b o u t   c h i l d   l a b o u r   and Then Say These Type of People Should be Hanged..
 t h e n   t h e y   s h o u t
 C H O T U   d o   c h a i   l a . .

 I n c r e d i b l e   I n d i a . ! !

 S t i l l   P r o u d   t o   b   a n   i n d i a n ? ? ?

 A s k   u r s e l f   ? ? ? ?

 C o m e   o n   y o u n g i s t a n!
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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Create Own Named Wallpapers

Want Wallpapers With Your Name?
Head Over To This Site
Now,Select Your Template..

Select- Resolution 240x320
Enter Text In Next Box..and Tick Static Wallpaper,,,
Now,Refresh Preview..
Right Click On Image Generated And Save It To Your PC..
Now,,With A Little Modification Using Paint You Can Remove Their LOGO at botton..Have a Look At mine..



Friday, April 23, 2010

Installing Themes in Samsung S3310 Reloaded

Update:New Blog For Themes

See this Video:


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Samsung S3310 Customize Keypad Lock

Our Phone Does Not Support Custom Keypad Time..But There is A Little Hack we Can Use To Customize Lock Timings..and That is Keypad Light..Lock Depends On Time of Keypad Light.So,Go To:

Settings>Display and Light Settings>Backlight Time>
Now,make combination According to Your Requirements..and move on!


Friday, April 16, 2010

Getting Sim Contacts Easily in Samsung S3310

Press A Number Following By #...

e.g: 2# will bring the Contact With The Contact Saved on This Index...Moreover,Only SIM Contacts Will be Shown here..

Your Ad Here


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

24 3D JAVA Games For S3310

24 3D JAVA Games

3D Coaster Rush
3D quad
3D Football
4x4 Extreme Rally 3D
Alien Shooter 3D
Andretti Racing 3D
Crazy Frog 3D
DEEP 3D 1.0.3
Effects Checkers 3D
Fast & Furious 5 3D
Grubby 3D
Hillbilly Farm 3D
Hummer 3D
Jaws 3D
Jewel Quest 2 3D
Midtown Madness 3 3D
Moto racing Fever 3D
Outland 3D
Real Mahjong 3D
SEGA Virtua Fighter Mobile 3D
Slam Street 3D Retail
Super Ball 3D
wireless juiced 2 hot import night 3D
WC Snooker 2007 3D

3D Java Games

Homework:Make .jad Files Yourself.....


Monday, April 12, 2010

How Smart is Our Phone??

Go To Main Menu...
Now..Use move Cursor To Music Player.Hit Back Key... Open The Menu Again..
Now,Hit End Key..Open Up The Menu Again.
Notice That Change...Cursor Postion Has Been Resetted To Center..
This is An Example of Our Phone Brain..


Tuesday, April 6, 2010


1. Open GMAIL (  in your phone's Browser...

2. Click the"get faster Gmail" link.

3. Next Click "INSTALL NOW" button.

4. Lastly you will get a link to download your GMAIL app.

5. Click that link and your download will be ready...




Hi friends.....
Here i have hacked the free wallpaper (240*320) downloading page for the samsung 3310 users ..... follow the steps below for the 100% result
>>>open ur menu and go to browser>>>>then to enter URL>>>>>
>>>After entering to the ENTER URL type the link wat i have given below>>>

>>>u will see the different size of wallpapers>>> click240*320
>>>then u will go to the wallpapers category
>>>here u can see so many category of wallpapers....
>>>then click any one category and select it>>>eg-animals
>>click u will be shown different animals wallpapers then
>>>keep the cursor on which photo u need
>>>after keeping the cursor on the wallpaper u will be seeing the blue frame on outline of the wallpaper
>>>then click it ... the wallpaper wat u have selected will be shown in different page...
>>>keep the cursor on the wallpaper and click it again...
>>>it will be shown in large size.... tats it u have done.....
>>>click options in ur cell>>>u can see the save option>>>click it>>>image
>>>it will ask select an image to save>>>press ok >>>press save>>To memory card...
tats all done.......
This hack s for the users who are using AIRTEL.....keep ur balance less than 30 paise and proceed.
leave ur comments ..... HACKED BY d ReAl HaCkEr......(Vignesh)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bypass Signing Process-Using TKFE

Open Tk File Explorer And Find your Com Port Like So

Tk File Explorer should connect

In your phone directory Go to Exe --> Java  --> games --> Selected game/app

 Now Go to the directory Of your game/app

Now Delete The Manifest

Now Delete the Contents of The appdb folder



Thursday, March 25, 2010








>>>MENU>>>BROWSER>>>ENTER URL>>> edit HTTP:// ....

















if ur balance is greater than 30 paise means please i request u to not to try this one friends

BY ... d ReAl HaCkEr