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How to archive mail

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Increase Size of the font while reading the SMS

Just press Side Volume key to increase and decrease the size of the font while reading the SMS,,,,
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Contributed By Saurabh


Friday, January 22, 2010

Increase Voice Call Volume In S3310

As Requested By One Of The Active User Of This Blog,I am Posting This Trick...May It will Be Helpful To You Also..
Ok..Lets Start....

Procedure is Same As Increase mp3 Volume,but with a little Modification...

Type *#8999*28346#
1.Go to Voice Volume->headset->Level 7->36
2.Go to AnalogGain->analoggain_7->Call(headset)->Level 7->7
3.Go to MicrophoneGain->Call(headset)->10
4.Go to MaxIn9877 OUT GAIN->call(headset)->Level 7->31


If This Settings Don't Work Then Try this...

Go to APVMXGAIN->Voice CALL->27168

Hope This Helps...


Easy Shortcuts For Music Player

All of Us Know That Our Phone Has Dedicated Music 

Key To open Music Player Directly...It is The Central 

Black Play/Pause( ) Key.But You Might Not Be 

Aware of A Hidden Music Shortcut...Just Press and 

Hold That Play/Pause Key...and You will Jump To

Recently Played Option...Hurray!!!

Enjoy This Trick..!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Games Pack

So You Want Games For You Samsung S3310?

Here Are Some Good Games I Found While Searching....

Download New Games Pack

Try Them and Let me Know if You like Them?


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Installing Games In S3310(Reloaded)

This Time A Video Is Posted and That With A New Method.This Is For Those who are not able install By Previous Method.
You will Need Tools From Previous Post.

 Follow First Five Steps.And Then See This:


Friday, January 15, 2010

Minimizing Applications In S3310

This Trick Is Premium!(Not Free)
No No,I am Not Talking About Money.

Here is Detail:

One of My Friend and Follower Said me Though i have Added follower gadget To My Blog.I m Still Not Doing Anything For my Followers and They are All same Like a Simple Reader.After much Thinking,I decided That He is Right and I have To do Something.

So,This Is The Gift To My followers.This Trick Will Be Disclosed To Followers Only!!
Sorry,But i Have To Take This Step.
Hope You Will Understand.Moreover,
New Followers Are Always Welcomed!

Trick Will Be Sent By Message in Google Friend Connect.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Delete recent contacts list of Text Messages

How to delete recent contacts list of Text Messages
 This Guide Needs Knowledge About Tkfilexprore,if You Are New See This.(Also Install The Given Driver)
Step #1: Now run TkFileExplorer_2.2.exe

Step #2: From the menu pick Setting -> COM and pick the USB port that your S330 is connected to. Click on the 'Connect' button.

Step #3: Browse to /Phone/User/Msg where you will find RecentLog.log

Step #4: Delete this file and you will have a empty recent contact list!


Step #4: Copy to your PC and open with note pad. You will see the number or name followed by a number. The second number is how many times you have text the proceeding name or number.

Step #5: Edit this how you wish and save it.

Step #6: Copy back to your S3310!


Talking About Living World Theme

First, what is shown on idle screen depends on the country you are in – in Moscow you’ll see a Kremlin wallpaper, Houses of Parliament wallpaper in London and so on. Also it depends on time of day: sunny sky wallpaper during daytime and dark sky and lighting in the evening.

But there’s more. Signal strength is connected to the sky condition. Good reception is represented by clear sky, poor reception by moving clouds. The pop-up messages for unread messages, missed calls and alarms have their own “live” representations that depend on time of day: a flying plane or a bird at daytime, shooting star and fireworks at night.

You can Use This Feature By ging To Settings>Display & Light Settings>Home Screen>Living World>Save...Done!!!

NOTE:In India You Will See Tajmahal.Moreover,Night Time also Depends on Summer And Winters.6 pm in winters and 7 pm in Summers..

This one is Best Feature In Our Phone..


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wacky Things In Our Phone...

Please Read This Post Before Continuing,,,

I Found These Things Wacky In Our Phone So i Posted It Here

->Try To Pause A Video Or Audio In Last 3 Seconds...
->Try To Fast Forward a AAC Audio File...(Radio Recorded are AAC)
->Try To Fast Forward A 3GP video File..
->Even Though We Have Memory Of Storing 500 Messages.Only 200 Messages Can Be Stored...
->Ever Wondered What Takes Most Battery From Phone...Its not Music Player or Movie Player or calling...It is Really Shocking That Answer is SMSing(or Texting)..

Friday, January 8, 2010

Read This Carefully!!!

Learn how to archive mail.The Free archive Ultimate mail archiving solution at your Home For Free.Just Read The Following Tutorial:
How to archive mail

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Why Samsung Is Samsung...??

While Studying For My Exam,I Found A Great Thing..
Bored After Studying..I Was Playing With My Phone and Boom An Idea Came In my Mind..That is ..Samsung Uses CALL BY VALUE while the other companies use CALL BY REFERENCE...
hmm,,Maybe You Don't Know About These..Let Me Explain:

Call By Refrence Means A Refrence Is Setup and Original File Is Used For Many Jobs...
While in Call By Value The File(or Value) is Copied and Then Used...

Here Samsung Is same...Wallpapers And Ringtones Are Copied To Phone Memory First Then Used...
Moreover,This Is also The Reason Why You Cannot Transfer Bluetooth Files Directly To Memory Card.

Thats The Reason Why Samsung Is Samsung...