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Learn how to archive mail.The Free archive Ultimate mail archiving solution at your Home For Free.Just Read The Following Tutorial:
How to archive mail

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Announcement: Premium MemberShip

Its Been 1 year i am Providing My Free Services To All By Dedicated Users..
Thanks For making my Blog successfull.Now,on This Occasion i am Launching Premium Membership.
Details are give below
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Friday, August 27, 2010

September 2010 Ringtone Pack Samsung S3310

Hi guys,
Hope You are Enjoying my Posts..

Today i will share some Ringtones with you:
Dowload Them:

Part 1
Part 2

 Your Comments are always welcomed!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Scary Ringtones Pack 2010

Hello Guys,
This is A new Ringtone Pack For september 2010,
Hope You like it..!

Here goes the link:

 Scary Ringtone Pack Samsung s3310

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Monday, August 23, 2010

My Experiences While Messaging

 Hello Guys,
Welcome Back To Samsung S3310 Blog..
Today i will Share my Experiences which happened at time of Texting,
I am Sharing This Because there are chances that you experienced the same while SMSing..
Ok,Lets Go:

Messages Sending Failed or Error: Try Again 

Sometimes,Messages dont sent.,Keeps Processing or Simply Comes:Try again.Finally,message comes to Outbox.You send message again but it is still same..

What i do?

Just Delete/add some characters From the message..
Message Sent!
(Amazing For Me..!)
Another Trick:Change Profile To Offline and Then Normal Again!

How Does Mobile Companies Fools You?
This is the incident which happened to me some Days ago:
I Checked MY Free SMS balance
I was Sending a message and same Problem happened,Message was not sending,i waited for 2 mins but it keeps processing and sending,Finally I quited.
Removed Some Characters,This time message sent..!!
For Fun,I Checked My balance again,,!!


"it Took me 23 SMS to Send 1 message"

This is How Mobile Companies Earn!!

Your Comments are always welcomed!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

How To SMS/Text in Busy Network!

Hi Frnds,
Few Days Back,i came across a Problem,i.e.,Due to Busy network i can not Send SMS to my Friends,,
So,i Leeched out a New Trick To Send SMS.
and it Worked For me!So, i am Sharing it With you!
In my Previous Post,I Explained How To Call in Busy Network.
.This Time i Will Tell You "How To Text in Busy Network!!"
The Process is similar to Previous one,
What We are Going To Do is To First Create a Message>Save into Drafts>
Now,Call Customer Care or any other Number(Which are Free!!)
now,When Your Call Gets Connected,Press Right Soft Key To Hold The Call..Now,Press Left Soft Key To Go into Options.
Now,Navigate to Message Inbox.
Ok,So You are in Inbox Now,Press Right Navigation Key 2 times to Go into Drafts.
Choose Your Message and Send it!
Happy SMSing!
Your Comments are always welcomed!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

New Blog Launched!

Hello Friends,
After The Huge Success of Samsung S3310 Blog.
I Have Decided To make a Blog Specially for Samsung S3310 Themes.
The Blog is Ready..
Now,Old and New Themes will be There only..
link to Blog:
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Friday, August 6, 2010

How To Call in Busy Network-The ultimate Tutorial

Hello Friends,
Hope You all are enjoying my blog and posts..
Today i am Here to teach You How To Call When Your Network is Busy.
Lets Start Now..
First of all,
We know That it is easiest to call your network customer care,even when the network is busy and the best thing is it is free.Here,we are using This Exploit.
Now,Call Your Customer Care..When The calling in Progress,Press Hold,Now Press options and New call.Now,Call The desired Number..Your call will be Connected within the Seconds.
It always works for me.
Your Comments are always welcomed!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Modding Music Play For Samsung S3310

Hi Guys,
I am Back Again,,With my Brand New Tip,,
Ok,Lets Get Started.,,
All of us know,How to add music To Playlist.Now, you are going to learn how to mod them.
While the music is not running you can edit the tracks by Pressing Options>Move Track in Playlist.Now,Move it to your desired location and Turn off Shuffle by Opening First Track and Pressing Options>shuffle off.
This will help you to choose your desired Playlist..
Moreover,You can do onw more thing that is when the shuffle is on just press forward button and know the next songs.Now,Press Prev. Songs.this will know you what are next tracks..
This is all about music modding in You Samsung S3310.
Your Comments are always welcomed!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

How To Play JAVA Games on PC.

GameMagic S60 is an incredible tool help you play Mobile Games directly on your Desktop PC. You can use it to play hundreds of Mobile Games on PC in few minutes without having to download them to your Mobile Phone, no cable or PC Suite is necessary. Use it to manage your favourite games or show skills to your friends on PC. To play games, basically click the Phone Keys on the Phone Skin. It gives you the true feeling of the exact same way they appear on the Nokia Phone. Alter Phone Skins (3650,7650) while playing the game, have the actual experience of using different Smartphones. MIDI, WAV sound format playback by mobile games are supported. All Nokia S60 Midp1.0 Games are supported, including 3650,3660,7650, NGage. Use NUM PAD keys on your keyboard to control your games, It is fast & straightforward. Make definite NUM LOCK on your keyboard is turned ON to access the controls. Play hundreds of Mobile Games on PC, All you require is your PC & GameMagic S60!

Just Load Your .jar File and Play..

Download GameMagic

Enjoy! Your Comments are always welcomed!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Antivirus For Samsung S3310

Learn how to archive mail.The Free archive Ultimate mail archiving solution at your Home For Free.Just Read The Following Tutorial:
How to archive mail

First of all as the title says we are talking about Antivirus here..
Ok,First You should know what is Antivirus?
Antivirus is used to prevent, detect, and remove malware and viruses.
The Things You Should know!
Our Samsung S3310 Phones are unaffected by virus since they only support java platforms software.
So,We Do not Need Any Antivirus.Just keep Antivirus in Your PC as virus in PC can affect your memory card.
If you are getting a Problem Just Switch off or Reset Your Phone..It will Surely Solve The Problem.

Your Comments are always welcomed!!