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Monday, December 13, 2010

Setup GMail PushMail on Your Samsung S3310

Hi Guys,
I am Back with Brand new Tutorial on Setting up Pushmail on Your Samsung S3310!
Lets Go!

1.Set GMail to allow IMAP ..To Do this:
First go to Gmail,login with your info.Now,you will see settings tab on the topmost right corner...Click on that and go to forwarding pop/imap and in imap access click enable imap and also enable pop...
(Click To Get it Enlarged)

2.Now,Head over to Your Samsung S3310.Click Messages>Settings>Email>Email Accounts>
Now,its time to Setup your Samsung S3310.Use the following characteristics:

 Account Name: Gmail
 SMTP Server:
 SMTP Port: 465
 Secure Connection: SSL
 Incoming Server Type: IMAP4
 IMAP4 Server:
 IMAP Port: 993
 APOP login: greyed out
 Secure Connection: SSL
 Download Limit: 300
 IMAP4 incoming email: New
 Retrieving option: Normal
 Keep on server: checked
 My address: (This is the address the phone puts in the from line of an email)
 Password: gmail password
 Use Pop before smtp: greyed out
 Use SMTP authorization: checked
 Same as POP3/IMAP4: checked
 Username: greyed out
 Password: greyed out

Hurray Your GMail Account is Ready For Push Mail on Your Samsung S3310.
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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Full Phone Backup Using TKFE

In my Previous Posts, I teached you about How to Backup Text Messages.Now, i am Going to Show you how to Backup the whole Memory Backup of your Phone Memory and Settings.First Open TKFE 2.5.
You will See a Screen like shown Below:
(Click on Snap To Get it Enlarged)
Now, Just connect your phone and open DB2
 Folder.Copy the contents there and keep it safe!

Now, if you can format your phone anytime.Just replace the Folder to get your files and settings back!
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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Free Unlimited SMS from Airtel

 Hi Guys,,
Hope you are Feeling Good Here!
In my Previous Posts, I wrote about Free Songs and Free Gprs.Today i am Going to Share trick for Free unlimited Characters SMS using Airtel.
For More Airtel Trick See this Page.

Now,Let's Start...
First goto Registration Page
~!~ Register here with any easy in typing or short email of yours (So that you can login easily)
~!~ Now after registering login to your account and you will get to know that you can
send only 20 sms perday moreover only with 80 character's limit

So, here's the Hack >> Goto Skweezer and now visit SMskwik
from here and start messaging with unlimited characters

Well Skweezer removes javascript that restricts us upto 80 characters
and there is a BUG in smskwik that it doesn't ditach extra characters from sms 
But remember whenever you send a sms with more than 120 or 130 characters it shows that
THERE IS SOME ERROR Just ignore it coz your sms has been delivered..

And hack for 20 sms limit is that erroneous sms's will not count in your daily limit.

Most interesting part of this trick is that you can use it from skweezer which is Free in airtel live at zero balance.

Your Comments are always welcomed!!