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Sunday, September 5, 2010

How To Backup Text Messages(SMS) in Samsung S3310

In my Previous Posts,I Taught you how to Store 500 SMS in Your Phone.
If You are Lacking SMS Memory to Store More SMS.Then Try This:
Attatch Your Phone Via TkFile Explorer and PC Studio Option.
Now,Head Over To:
Phone>user>Msg >SMS>
Now Copy All The Contents in Right Side Box To Your Hard Disk..!!

 (Click Image To Enlarge)
Thats all.!
Now,You can Delete SMS from Memory..
Enjoy Hacking...!!

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ΛηK♪┼ said...

You can not Read Text in Those Files...

dhiraj said...

aniket i cant understand i did what ever u say but you say "backup" means when i delete all sms in my inbox and reconnect my phone i will put that file again i will see all sms which deleted from my explain it working and use

ΛηK♪┼ said...

First of all i m ankit...

and i think backup is same word as u described,,,!!

Pushpendra said...

I backup SMS as u described but when i put them back in phone i m unable to see them. inbox having 0 sms out box having 0 sms. How to show them ?

ΛηK♪┼ said...

Restart The Phone..

myk said...

after doing the backup and then restore. my phone now keep on restarting(upto samsung logo) and unable to become stable

myk said...

now what shuld be done?????????

ΛηK♪┼ said...

Its not Possible...I Tested it..Your Phone Should Work fine..Have You Deleted any other Files?

myk said...

Ankit, i did in following steps:-
first, i made a backup of contents of db2 folder
second, master reset
third, deleted the files in db2 folder
fourth, copied the older files
and now it keeps on restartin...

NOW they say motherboard of phone needs to be replaced....

myk said...

hi Ankit,

Today i got my phone working after a reflash from samsung service centre.

please elaborate the step by step procedure for backup and restore, so no body else could make a mistake.

ΛηK♪┼ said...

Its Shocking That This Process Resulted in Failure of Phone..I Tried This Method Several Times.It Worked For Me Every time..

Don't Know What is Wrong?

Shashank.S said...

hi ankit ,

i tried tk file exp.,but its bot connecting with my phone ,

#link not fount

and not showing any device there.

what should i do,

is there any othere solution.

as i like these techno freaks...

and i like and appriciate your blog

its gud..keep it up...
all the best

Shashank.S said...

i am facing two errors
1#Warning:Unable to open specified port.try again


2#the communication link lost

should i keep pc suit intalled while working on tkfile explore or uninstall it.

please give suggestion

ΛηK♪┼ said...

Configure it Correctly.Check the Port and Other Settings.
Check The Data cable Too..

If The Error Keeps Interrupting Then Try Another Computer.


Chandan said......
how to install a software like flv player in s3310i.........


Reply as soon as possible.......

ΛηK♪┼ said...


Just Like installing Games..

I TOO ME TOO said...

can u send send samsung s3310 back up s/w i need

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