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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Samsung S3310 500 SMS Trick Revealed!

OK.So many of users requested for this trick so i worked on it and found the Solution.
Basically, i knew this trick about 2 months ago but did 'nt shared it Because of my EXAMS..
Now,The deal..

Our phone has capability to Store 500 messages.But There is a limitation also..
We can Store 200 SMS in inbox only!!
So,How To Exploit??
Hmm,Basically You need to know about Few things First.i.e., How our phone allocate SMS memory in folders?


Now,You know the Memory.Go and Store 500 messages..
You can do it by yourself or wait for my next posts..
Un my next posts,I will explain how to store messages in these Folders..
Your Comments are always welcomed!!


SANDY said...

hey ankith,i amnot getting how to find the jad and jar files after extracting them from the zip file ....can u tell me the procedure?

ΛηK♪┼ said...

There is no procedure involved in this..

Diplav said...

hey i js want to keep a dictionary in my samsung S3310.tell me what is the steps i should follow?is it possible?

ΛηK♪┼ said...


Just do it like installing games..

hitesh said...

hey how can i connect my s3310 to pc...plz reply fast...

ΛηK♪┼ said...


There are many options for this..!!

u need data cable atleast..!

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