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Monday, December 13, 2010

Setup GMail PushMail on Your Samsung S3310

Hi Guys,
I am Back with Brand new Tutorial on Setting up Pushmail on Your Samsung S3310!
Lets Go!

1.Set GMail to allow IMAP ..To Do this:
First go to Gmail,login with your info.Now,you will see settings tab on the topmost right corner...Click on that and go to forwarding pop/imap and in imap access click enable imap and also enable pop...
(Click To Get it Enlarged)

2.Now,Head over to Your Samsung S3310.Click Messages>Settings>Email>Email Accounts>
Now,its time to Setup your Samsung S3310.Use the following characteristics:

 Account Name: Gmail
 SMTP Server:
 SMTP Port: 465
 Secure Connection: SSL
 Incoming Server Type: IMAP4
 IMAP4 Server:
 IMAP Port: 993
 APOP login: greyed out
 Secure Connection: SSL
 Download Limit: 300
 IMAP4 incoming email: New
 Retrieving option: Normal
 Keep on server: checked
 My address: (This is the address the phone puts in the from line of an email)
 Password: gmail password
 Use Pop before smtp: greyed out
 Use SMTP authorization: checked
 Same as POP3/IMAP4: checked
 Username: greyed out
 Password: greyed out

Hurray Your GMail Account is Ready For Push Mail on Your Samsung S3310.
Your Comments are always welcomed!!


harleen said...

hey ankit
nice to talk to u
i want ur help

I FORMATTED MY SAMSUNG S3310 nd after dat my web apps like ebuddy ,nimbuzz etc r nt working

when i open them then they show that ur java settings r not activated for java apps

plz help me

ΛηK♪┼ said...


Give PRoper Permissions..

Rajat said...

hi ankit..I have setup the push mail process. But now how I can use the gmail facility? how this works. Thanks.

ΛηK♪┼ said...


You need GPRS Connection!!

harleen said...

i dint understand wat u said


harleen said...

hey plzz yaar explain med whole procedure

ΛηK♪┼ said...

There is options in Application Settings for Connections.Try Them!

logis said...

this information ok

but hotmail & yahoo mail details send it.

ΛηK♪┼ said...

Search Them on Google..

Vignesh said...

ankit nice work but sorry today only i saw it yar ...

javed said...

hi ankit, i have a problem plz help me..i dont know how to use tkfile explorer...when i connected my phone it shows two option "samsung kies and mass storage" what should i use so that i can deal with tkfe. its my mobile samsung gt s3310 metro...i want to install themes which u said in ur page. plz give me proper procedure....i always oblidge for email id is

~M.A.H.A.I.S.H~ said...

Hi, Ankit

I read your blog to configure gmail on samsung s3310. It is quite informative but i am still struggling to download mails on my phone.. every time i am receiving 'gmail login failed' information.. please help

ΛηK♪┼ said...

Samsung KIES

See the Tutorial video too..

Have You Enabled the IMAP in GMail Account?

nikhil said...

hey dude i m not accepting mails in proper way its jst written d senders name and mail sent only can u please give details on ma email "" hope u will reply thnks for d concerned>>>

ishwar said...


i have did all setting for get getting email from gmail but still i got 'gmail login failed'

please reply me,

my Email

ishwar said...


i have download tk fs & uninstall pc studio for s3310

i try all COM1 to COM30 but not atleast one of them working.

what should i do?

i am waiting for set my own theme to 3310 from last 1.5 year pls
reply me

my email

ishwar said...


i want a minimization trick for s3310,

pls send me my Email

abhishek said...

hi ankit mere ko thea istall karna bata na

yuvan said...

cant download mails "login failed" error coming...

S3310 Userrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr said...

hai tell me where ARE all the THEMES i want 2 download !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(with proper address)

rajeshgurrapu said...

samsung s3310
I completed the above setup but after completion of this when i use push mail it is saying certificate validation failed...........
Reply plz...

Unknown said...

hi aniket ,
i have enable Imap and pop in gmail.. bt still it shows "login failed"
when i tried to download first time through mobile
it was showing "certificate failed"

plz help..

harsh said...

cnt download mail erro msg was/ 'logined failed'

ATIN MANKAR [A3] said...

i download uc 8. but this browser not installing. plz help me. s3310

khatri said...

when i setup it on my device.....error ocurred is
gmail login to remend it.. help

Admin said...

Instead of all this headache you can also use gmail mobile application.

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