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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Talking About Living World Theme

First, what is shown on idle screen depends on the country you are in – in Moscow you’ll see a Kremlin wallpaper, Houses of Parliament wallpaper in London and so on. Also it depends on time of day: sunny sky wallpaper during daytime and dark sky and lighting in the evening.

But there’s more. Signal strength is connected to the sky condition. Good reception is represented by clear sky, poor reception by moving clouds. The pop-up messages for unread messages, missed calls and alarms have their own “live” representations that depend on time of day: a flying plane or a bird at daytime, shooting star and fireworks at night.

You can Use This Feature By ging To Settings>Display & Light Settings>Home Screen>Living World>Save...Done!!!

NOTE:In India You Will See Tajmahal.Moreover,Night Time also Depends on Summer And Winters.6 pm in winters and 7 pm in Summers..

This one is Best Feature In Our Phone..




how to download this theme pls tell me and where to download.

Ληⓚ♪┼ said...

Dude This Theme is predefined
Settings>Home Screen>Living World>Save...Done!!!

Nishu said...

dude can we change the display of this living world theme?

Ληⓚ♪┼ said...

see the above comment

ram said...

well my time zone is kathmandu and nd the month going on is ofcourse july...and it is summer too...but still the night time comes at 6pm and not at there any setting that we have to do to change this??...nd yeah thanx a tonne for this grt site...i rily got to noe abt my cell through this...grt job

ΛηK♪┼ said...


its all Samsung...we can't do anythng

gops said...

we can not change living thing.
it shows only 1 that is tajmahal in 3310

gops said...

give me link to download these living thing
shown above

ΛηK♪┼ said...


Yes u cannot change..Read the post carefully.!!

ram said...

hey can that be due to the firmware of my s3310??...which version of firmware do you have??...i may flash my 3310 with that firmware then...

priyesh kv said...

how to download this theme pls tell me and where to download.

ΛηK♪┼ said...



Read The Above Comment Guys.

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