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Monday, November 15, 2010

Specially Assigned Message Tone


Today i am Going to Teach You How to Assign Different Caller and Message Ringotnes to your Contacts..Ok are you ready?
NOTE: The Contact MUST be stored in Phone Memory

ok,Lets Go!

Press Right Softkey and Go To,choose a contact which you want to assign the tone.Press Left Soft key to Go into Options>Edit>Options>Add Details> Message Tone.
You can see that Caller tone is already there..No,just edit them and Select Your Favourite Tone.

Have a Great Day!

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atul said...

do you know new software phone of s3310 had came into the market ....plz will you tell me how to update...........

ΛηK♪┼ said...


ya, i knw.There are some tools to update but i suggest you not to update.

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