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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Get Long Battery Backup From Your Phone....

These are The Settings Which will Give You Most Powerful Battery Backup:

1.Menu>settings>Display and Light Settings>Image>
Use Dark Colored Wallpapers..Pre Defined Wallpaper 1,2 and 4 are best For this...

2.Menu>settings>Display and Light Settings>Theme>
Use Sensory or Fireworks or make your own..must be Dark..

3.Menu>settings>Display and Light Settings>Dialing Display>
Use Normal 1 or Normal 2....

4.Menu>settings>Display and Light Settings>LCD Brightness>
Use Level 1 for Optimum Battery Backup...

5.Menu>settings>Display and Light Settings>Backlight Time>
On>10 seconds...
Dim>Off or 5 Seconds...

6.Menu>settings>Display and Light Settings>Keypad Light>
Select Custom>
Start>7:00 pm
End>7:00 am
or as you like...

7.Use Slow and Less Loud Ringtones...(If Not necessary Remove Vibration..)

Enjoy Long Battery Backup....


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