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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Check Your Firmware

Press *#1234# to check your Firmware Version on your S3310

Firmware Information

S3310 = Model
DD = Region

I= Year F= Month
1= Revision

Region codes:

BD Cyprus, Greece
CP Finland
DB Vietnam
DC Thailand
DD India
DT Australia
DX Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam
DZ Malaysia, Singapore
JA South Africa
JC Algeria, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, Tunisia
JP Arabic
JR Arabic
JV Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Morocco, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey
MT Switzerland
XA Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom
XB Denmark, Norway, Sweden
XC Portugal, Spain
XD Croatia, Czech, Hungary, Slovakia
XE Bulgaria, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine
XF Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania
XX Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom
ZC China, Hong Kong
ZT Taiwan
Mobile carrier codes:
AE SFR, France
AI Tim, Italy
AM Vodafone
AN E-Plus, Germany
AS KPN, Netherland
AU Mobilkom, Austria
BB Tmn, Portugal
BF Optimus, Portugal
BG Telefonica, Spain
BM Swisscom, Switzerland
BN Amena, Spain
BO T-Mobile, Germany
BU Vodafone
BV Orange, Switzerland
BW O2, United Kingdom
CD Proximus, Belgium
CG Telia Mobitel, Sweden
CH SingTel, Singapore
CK Tele2 Comviq, Sweden
CT Tdc, Denmark
CU One, Austria
CV Telenor, Norway
DT Optus, Australia
DV Telstra, Australia
EF Celcom, Malaysia
JB Vodacom, South Africa
MD Telia Sonera, Finland
MJ Vodafone, Italy
MM Tele Ring, Austria
MV NetCom, Norway
NA Nrj, France
NB Tele2 Norway, Norway
NE H3g Nordic, Sweden
NP H3g, Italy
SS Vodafone, Japan
Release year codes:

A 2001
B 2002
C 2003
D 2004
E 2005
F 2006
G 2007
H 2008
I 2009
Release month codes:

A January
B February
C March
D April
E May
F June
G July
H August
I September
J October
K November
L December


Utkarsh said...

hello ankit,,i m using s3310.
I have a question--
How can i delete or remove the wallpapers and ringtones from PHONE is consuming about 11mb space of phone memory?? i have tkfile explorer..nd i m using it...plse help me what to do....

Utkarsh said...

pls send me application minimising email

Ληⓚ♪┼ said...


You cannot Delete them...

Trik Sent

sumit said...

i am ur follower...
send me the application minimizing trick.

Ληⓚ♪┼ said...


i have sent trick to all followers..if u havnt rcvd it till yet.then comment ur email id

tyson said...

pls send me the minimization trick... my id is

dinesh said...

bro i have a big problem.i have flash my firmware by a European version and i am not getting any signal in my phone will you plz help me out.can you give me a dd region firmware otherwise i have to replace my cell phone.plz

dhiraj said...

how to update firmware from s3310

ΛηK♪┼ said...

see this:
Minimizing S3310 Apps

u replaced ur firmware by urself?

Go To Nearest Service Centre,,

Silpisikha said...

hi Ankit, how are you, i have started following your blog, will you please send me the application minimising trick, my email id is

HACKERZ said...


Have a Look at This Post:

Minimize Trick

H i t e s h said...

hy ankit i want to change my s3310 firmware into s3310i new version can you tell me how can i do this?

ΛηK♪┼ said...


i suggest you to don't change it..but,if you want to,then go to samsung care..

paulson said...

is S3310i firmware compatabile with S3310?

Tamal said...

Hi ankit...
i find some firmware of s3310 in is this safe..?? how to update my firmware without going sirvice center??

ΛηK♪┼ said...




it is long process..risk of phone to be dead

aloke said...

Hi Ankit. Can you tell me the process/settings of receiving the mail instantly(not by downloading them) in my S3310?


harleen said...

brother i formatted my s3310 nd after that my web apps r not working

plz help me

harleen said...

its showing that ur java settings not activated for web apps

ΛηK♪┼ said...


Formatted Means Reset or Firmware Change??
Which Way?

pramod said...

hello sir how can i change modem firmware of samsung s3310 to samsung s3310i

ΛηK♪┼ said...



rahul vasava said...

by mistake i enter this no *7465625*638*00000000*00000000# in my phone samsung s3310 now i have a problem that i cannot use other sim card. please send me solution at

Avadhesh said...

hello ankit,,i m using s3310.
I have a question--
How can i delete or remove the wallpapers and ringtones from PHONE is consuming about 11mb space of phone memory?? i have tkfile explorer..nd i m using it...plse help me what to do....
pls replay on this id

ani said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kash said...

how to update or reinstall the firmware ?

Aniket said...

hello sirji,
i want to know the whole process of upgrading my s3310 to s331oi... myself...

mohab gamal said...

I wanna flash a new firm ware by myself and i know the risk but i wanna try can you tell me the steps plz?

mohab gamal said...

My mail is

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